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Graves' Orbitopathy

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How to become EUGOGO member


A single person can become an EUGOGO member only as part of a multidisciplinary team, when that team is accepted as "EUGOGO SITE". The minimal requirement to be considered a multidisciplinary team dedicated to Graves Orbitopathy includes an ophthalmologist and an endocrinologist running together a Combined Thyroid Eye Clinic. Associated disciplines, e.g. neuro- radiologists or basic scientists can be additional members of the multidisciplinary team. Further prerequisites are also necessary as specified in the detailed -> application form that needs to be filled out.

Please fill in the attached form with details about the Combined Clinic you are running, whereas the part concerning the track record (publications) in the field of Graves’ Orbitopathy is particularly important. For a member of your team there are to fill in at least five -> new patient and five  -> follow-up patient Case Record Forms (CRF). 

Please consider that by law all the members of the group should have attended at least one EUGOGO teaching course independently from their experience. If not, they should do so at the very first occasion following their application.

Once EUGOGO will receive the above listed form and related information, your application will be processed at the first EUGOGO Executive Committee meeting / General Assembly and the EUGOGO Secretary will get back to you with the formal final response.

After approval as a EUGOGO member and payment of the annual membership fee you can register for our members area.

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