Executive Committee

Prof. Claudio Marcocci, President
Prof. Lelio Baldeschi,  Secretary
Prof. George Kahaly,  Treasurer
Prof Luigi Bartalena guidelines lead
Dr. Mario Salvi  observational/interventional/research studies lead
Dr. Michele Marinò,  basic sciencies studies lead
Dr. Nicole Fichter education/website/communications lead

Past Major officers

1999-2002 Prof. W.M. Wiersinga (President), Dr. P. Perros (Secretary), Prof. G.J. Kahaly (Treasurer)

2003-2006 Prof. W.M. Wiersinga (President), Dr. P.Perros (Secretary), Prof. G.J. Kahaly (Treasurer)

2006-2009 Dr. P.Perros (President), Dr. M. Salvi (Secretary), Prof. G.J. Kahaly (Treasurer)

2010-2013 Dr. P.Perros (President), Dr. M. Salvi (Secretary), Prof. G.J. Kahaly (Treasurer)

2014-2017 Prof C.Marcocci (President), Prof. L. Baldeschi (Secretary), Prof. G.J. Kahaly (Treasurer)

Mission Statement

Graves' Orbitopathy is a relatively rare and difficult disease to manage. Many of the treatments have not been subjected to rigorous scientific evaluation. A major obstacle to improving the management of this condition is that no individual centre has access to sufficiently large numbers of patients for adequately powered randomised controlled clinical trials.

EUGOGO was established by European centres which have long experience in managing patients with Graves’ Orbitopathy within a multidisciplinary framework, have a track record in clinical research in this condition, and constitute large regional or national referral centres.

EUGOGO is a consortium of clinicians (endocrinologists and ophthalmologists), clinical epidemiologists and radiologists, committed to improving the management of patients with Graves' Orbitopathy within a multidisciplinary and scientific context.

Objectives EUGOGO aims to

contribute towards understanding the pathogenesis of Graves’ Orbitopathy and improving the management of patients, through collaborative scientific basic and clinical research, contribute towards education, teaching and training of health professionals involved in the care of patients with Graves’ Orbitopathy and raise funds to support its activities.



The Amsterdam Declaration On the 10th anniversary of EUGOGO in 2009 an international symposium on GO was organised in Amsterdam. Here the so-called Amsterdam declaration on GO was signed by 85 organizations in the field of endocrinology and ophthalmology, setting specific 5-year targets focussing on raising awareness on GO and implementing measures to reduce the incidence and morbidity of the disease. Signatories included:

- 61 International / National Professional Societies (30 Ophthalmological)
- 24 Thyroid patient organisations
- 2011- Launch of global audit on 5 year targets of the Amsterdam Declaration

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